Sunday 12 January 2014

Week 43 to Week 02

In no particular order -

60 / 16ft Pacer gets a clean before polishing -

The Airstream Cafe in London supplied by us 3 years ago, looking ready for a polish -

Christmas shopping on Regent St W1 -

Avon calling with their Airstream in central London -

 Another axle and hitch conversion with yet another custom gas box -

Dropping the insides out of a 62 / 19ft -

Getting supports in ready to lift the lid on a 55 / 26ft -

A little 55 / 16ft bubble comes into stock -

Setting up at the clothes show live event -

New rear left panel added to 55 / 26ft

New front left panel added to 75 / 27ft -

Hatch being fabricated  -

Fridge vent -

Front right upper and lower panel replacement on 13 panel -

New product - Tamper proof hinge pins by -

Stripped down Alde heating unit gets new PCB -

Polishing starts on a 76 / 27ft -

A 74 / 27ft getting ready for export to Dubai -

At last some family time, Hazel gets ready to cut the roof on our cottage in Ireland -

after which we get a well earned bite to eat -

TGI 2014!!!

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