Saturday, 21 January 2012

the long and the short of it.....

Work on the 56 Sovereign / Trailer 1234 is coming along very well. 

There has been a slight change of plan, our client has decided to downsize to a mid 50's tandem Overlander and I have inherited the Sovereign again which will need to be put back together.

We have been in talks with Bob Heist from the  Nebraska WBCCI unit. It turns out that this actual trailer was used  for unit formation meeting back in the late 50's early 60's and many of older members can remember the trailer. With a little luck Bob has managed to get Airstream to agree to allocate 1234 to me and I am now a member of their unit!

If and when I sell the trailer I will transfer the number with the trailer.

We have replaced the front section of the chassis and carried out extensive repairs. Note the extended front frame to allow for better turning clearance and also make room for a custom gas box -


Chassis flipped and prepaired, we've bolted on a marine ply that will have an undercoating of bitumen to insure a long and heathy life on the road -

28ft ft of belly pan prepaired and ready to be riveted into place -

 Package arrived from Airstream Inc -