Sunday, 20 May 2012

Making the bit above the door

Making an new eye lid for above the entrance door can really improve the look of your vintage trailer.

Below - Flattened out old eyelid gets used as template and new eyelid starts to take shape -

Below - We fold the up-stand into the straight edge -

Then we work on flanging the edge to be riveted to the trailer -

Of coarse, we make a couple, just to be on the safe side -

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Project Shorty - Airstream design mock up

We are restoring an airstream which is having the interior designed by industrial designer adrian weidmann , a very gifted young designer from switzerland. In fact, this is the second airstream we have worked with Adrian's company on -

We scheduled in a weekend for modelling the interior to check how the design worked inside the trailer -

Trailer body had just landed back on the chassis the day before -

Below Adrian with client's friend talking over the objectives of the weekend before we started -

Foam board at the ready, this was the beginning of a busy weekend - 

Below, Pete Bull from ukairstreamers had kindly agreed to help Adrian & Co model for the weekend -

Front dinette takes shape -

It might be plastic, but it is still strong enough to sit on -

Time for a few jokes -

Then a final check -

Observer Food Awards 2012

We got a late request last week from the Observer to supply a trailer and scout out a location

This is the visual we got -

This is the location we suggested and they liked it, this is just behind our workshop on the overbury farm estate -

 A few days later the crew arrived -

Then a few days later again, a draft photo for the launch of the observer food awards -

And a few days later again it is in print and online -

Below, I picked up a copy at Belfast Airport on Sunday morning -