Monday 5 December 2011

Full size drawings

A friend mentioned to me that back in the 50's Airstream could provide full size drawings for the customer to walk around and mark out changes on to create a custom Airstream interior.

Not sure how true this is but I thought it sounded like a great idea and decided to do the same -

Saturday 3 December 2011

The Beigel (aka Bagel)

I've been frequenting this east end establishment for the last 27 years. I've walked, ran, biked,  bused, driven, taxied and even paid for a limousine to get a bite of a Brick Lane Beigel. I have shipped them where ever I have worked. I could be happy, sad, worried or tired,  they always taste great -

This is my lunch about to go in the oven -

So when I get a call to give away 150 pairs off boots out of an airstream next door to Beigel bake I naturally jumped at the chance.

A quick setup -

And then a quick exit -