Wednesday 20 October 2010

best in show

With an ever changing herd of Airstreams I needed to find a sizable indoor work and indoor storage area to call home. To be honest, this is easier said than done in my neck of the woods around the North Cotswold's.

So when this 12,000 square foot dairy building came up I knew it was just the ticket for what I needed.

It has been empty for over ten years. Below is a picture taken in the mid nineties with a very well looked after herd of Overbury Guernseys -
Taken today, below is the same area which houses some of our airstreams for sale and others due to have work started on them -

Newest arrival is the little 54 Globetrotter which arrived late last night for rehab -

I'm still learning about the history behind the Overbury herd and over the next few months hope to find out more about what drove their success -

I'm determined to lift the lid on the Byam Bubble in this building before the New Year.