Sunday 6 October 2013

Week 24 to Week 42

in no order -

this is our new central london base, a refitted four berth overlander which will be delivered into the city next week for our private use -

Below, we have Ed's Overlander in for various works -

below, a late night with bjorn borg , mtv and the aids awareness team -

trailer finds, vintage 22's

below, a day in the park with hackett, cooper bikes and co 

below, attending  the nfl international series at wembley -

below, a nice wee airstream in stock -

face mask time - we cover with this and finish with brillo pad -

A new/old vent. this one has new 110v motor powered by an inverter of hook up use -

controls going in for sargent ec500 and alde system -

below, new 3/4 white walls are a good way to spruce up your trailer -

Below, another fine job leaves the shop -

below, a 56 bubble goes in for the vosa test and passes first time -

below, a week later the same bubble goes in the german TUV 
and passes first time-

below, the aluminium federation selects 3 companies to display their goods at this years conference, morgan, jaguar and little old below in archie a 55 front kitchen safari

Below, working with the sunglasshut in covent garden was great fun for two weeks -

another little one comes in for work -

below, polishing a 57 -

delivering a 69 -

below, delivering a 57

below, setting up with vodafone in donegal ireland, great crack -

below, a little safari gets a new home -

below, a wonderful weekend with caprice holdings , j sheekey

below, we will be arriving at various ports with levi's dockers in there new airstream -

Check out our new facebook page, we are getting social -