Thursday 22 July 2010

Early dawning, Sunday morning........

It's just the wasted years so close behind you......

Early morning start, outside our home in Gloucestershire -

Early morning arrival, central London -

I spent the best part of my late teens waking up on Sunday m
ornings in London with a hangover, red eyes and the urge to blast a bit of Lou
Reed and wake up my long suffering next
door neighbours.

Some things change, but then again some things don't, I found myself driving into London last Sunday morning, with hangover, red eyes and you guessed the same urge to play Lou Reed at a reasonable level.

This time it was work, I was delivering a vintage trailer converted to a
coffee shop to the Oxo Tower SW1.

With the kids in the back I decided we had time to do a little sightseeing. 10 Downing Street above, then onto Trafalgar Sq and Nelson's column.

A quick drive by Harrods -

Never one to miss an opportunity I pulled over on the mall and started serving a few Aussie tourists......

Quick stop in Covent Garden, I worked nightshift in the Gardening Club/Rock Garden on the Plaza. It's been taken over
by apple.

It really turned out a 'Perfect Day'. With the Trailer delivered on time and on budget and with very impressed clients we headed to Belgo for
some hair of the dog...

Wednesday 21 July 2010

Tuesday 20 July 2010

it's in the name......

This was very amusing little find. I was alerted about this little girl, an extremely rare mid 50's whale tail bubble.

When I got the pictures I really did think it was a wind up considering my surname is Harkness