Sunday 27 November 2011

Chock full o' Nuts

Nice to see things get a second life, New York Blend coffee.....

We've given  
 this Sovereign of the Road a good first cut with a coarse grade polish before lifting the body off -

 Getting various decals and sealants off the body safely required a few days patience -

It still had the original floor in the trailer which had been overlaid with another plywood floor . Even the new plywood (below) was badly rotted. The original plywood was very badly delimitated except for the mid sections of the trailer.

Frame off and the chassis gets exposed -

One of a number of issues which are pointing towards making up a new chassis -

Unused buck rivet in the inner skin -

Internal pop rivet from the 50's -

Then we started a floor and belly pan on this little bubble -

Wednesday 2 November 2011

May the wind always be in my back yard......

With fall  well underway, I'm starting to plan for the cold winter that lies ahead.

This year we have all the heat we can handle as long as we have wind. But I will have a few 47kg bottles of gas ready to keep the productivity levels up just incase.

Initially the primary focus will on getting this young lady ready for life in the 21st century -

She is a 1956 Ohio Sovereign of the Road.

I bought her in Minnesota. My purchase hit the headlines -

She's a real lady and I will really enjoy my time with her.

I have researched and located her previous owners from the 1950's and already heard some interesting stories about her. I looking forward to hearing and hopefully seeing more of her history.

So keep warm and stay tuned this winter and my first off grid restoration!