Wednesday, 23 March 2011

it's a sign

I like Whale Tail Airstreams

But how weird is it when I find one with my name on it -

You can see from the image below it really is an act from above -

Sadly, after close inspection the Harkness Whale Tail was not for me.............

But I did offer to buy the sign.


  1. Nice !

    We did come across a "Viles Rd' in New Zealand many years ago but sadly not a whale tail to be seen.

    Saw your South Bank Airstream Cafe in London yesterday - looks great, really nice job you made of it.


  2. Chris,

    You're very kind but after a year in London, pigeons, drunks and traffic it's not looking just as good. Plus since I cut my teeth on the trailer, you may have noticed my bite marks but just not mentioned them!