Monday, 28 February 2011

this old trailer - belly pan replacement

The first rule I have is the eighty twenty rule, 80% planning and 20% doing. With lots of cuts, curves and panel configuration to consider, planning is by far the most important part of this process

Start with an old chassis -

Flip it over in a confined space (video to follow on next posting)

Add some marine ply, elevator / norway blots. Then baste with some special caravan black sticky gupe and leave to soak overnight 

Stir in insulation and add a pinch of tacs and polyurethane 

Apply sheets of aluminium carefully paying attention to detail, we used a slight thicker main section and thinner on the front and rear to help with curve forming -

Mark out and buck solid rivets into the required seams to ensure original lines are retained -

Curl edges as required and cut around the edges just above channel -

Be careful not to add any extra creases -

And hay presso, you have the makings of a belly pan -