Sunday, 20 March 2011

Corrosion, What Where When Why How?

I'm sure many airstreamers and other aluminitus sufferers worry at times about the condition of their aluminium.

An excellent source of information on Aluminium Corrosion is Aluminium Matter . This is an e-learning website which seems to cover most of the corrosion issues airstreamers will be faced with.

While keeping the outer skin in good condition is one concern, you should not forget about the inner skin.

Exhibit 1 - CA built Airstream, 1956

Alclad supplier - Reynolds

Location - Primarily resided in California

NB - The content of these images may be disturbing or offensive to some aluminitus sufferers. While they may look bad, I would like to mention it's all treatable, it just takes time -

Outer skin, tell tail signs -

Inner skin, the full extent of corrosion is revealed -

Closer look and a slight tap -

Factory sealing of the seams has not help stop the corrosion -

Rear light panel will need replaced also -

Other Isolated patches -

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