Friday, 27 November 2009

manhattan transfer

escape from the country

every so often i need to get away from day to day life and do something a little different. when i lived in the city i'd escape to the country and since i moved to the country i tend to like escaping to the city.
the plan was to hit a few watering holes in manhattan then hit the fresh snow dumps in breckenridge co. but at the last minute i cancelled the ski trip and instead opted to hang out a bit longer in the city. i had a few trailers on the move that week, two on the lower east coast that i co-ordinated the moves over the internet/phone but also had a 56 custom sitting up in new england ready to move plus i had the insides of a 1950's redbird subway carriage to pickup and ship.

all was set for an easy trip down to manhattan with the 56 custom ready to load up with my subway stuff and head to port. the custom is kinda like half caravanner / half flying clould, a very interesting yolk.

i got to visit andrea the owner of the famous airstream top dog bambi, at his home near middletown ct, he's been serving hotdogs from this 'vending' trailer for 25 years. i think he's started a craze for airstream vending in europe.

but things came to a very quick halt near westport ct, the state troopers pulled the trailer over because the plate that was out of date . i was told they should have impounded the trailer and tow car, but with the luck of the irish we got away with driving to the next gas station and got told to basically magic up a dealer/transfer plate . again with the luck of the irish the gas station owner gave me unlimited time for parking there , amazing. having worked in westport for a while i knew a little bit about the area and within 3 hours we had the trailer back on the road and heading towards SoHo in Manhattan via an overnight sleep in white plains.

as you can see she has a very nice body, but needs a good clean up.

quick holiday snap with friends on crosby st.

we drove by paul mccartneys daughters shop in the meat packing district

We gate crashed a photo shoot with an old new york city bus.

we got a good view of the empire state building.

then on arrival at port we got greeted by pk ryan, he was 100% irish. twic approval was not an issue. that's his family crest tattooed on his right arm. great guy and look forward to seeing him again.

the drop went well and i had a good look around that the other bits in the yard.

i'm a big fan of fury dice but maybe not pink ones......

the gwb was nice n empty on the way back into town.

back in the hood i decided to head straight to sullivan st for a 60 mins back rub and then of to the bakery for a splice of potato pizza, i guess it's kinda like irish pizza.

then i got back to my city vacation and hit a few more watering holes.