Friday, 11 March 2011

Factory finishing - West compared with the Mid West / The Heartland

I was told that Wally Byams #1 Trailer was made in Ohio but was confused as it had a Californian  Dutchman's cap / Whale Tail but Ohio style wheel arches.

I was later informed that the trailer was actually built in the Los Angeles factory.

The following article in Trail R News September 1955  also confirms the trailer was built in Los Angeles Ca.  -

Since then, I've noticed some small differences between both factories production line finishing in the mid 50's. These are a little less obvious than looking at end panels, wheel arches and s/n's.

Below are a few -

Internal rivet sealing

Out of all the mid 50's CA trailers I've worked on the rivets have been sealed internally.  I first noticed this with Wally's #1 trailer and thought it got special treatment, but I since realised it probably was standard LA practice -

56 CA Bubble interior, complete seal -

55 CA Wally Byam Bubble, rivet stem sealed

56 OH Bubble, no seal

Door Gasket fitting
I've also noticed the CA fitted door gaskets with a blind rivet. Expamples below, first the Wally Byam #1 trailer  and then a 56 Ohio Bubble

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