Thursday, 16 September 2010

the rewards of recycling.....

I find it a feelgood exercise to recycle my waste. Good to get it out of the way and also good to know it's not going into a landfill site.

Very so often I seem to get a little payback, i've had a good few this year but this one has to be the best .

An unwanted Zenith Trans Oceanic radio. Freshly dumped just before I arrived at the recycling center.

With antenna built into the handle.

This was Wally Byam's favorite brand of radio. I believe he had the 1000 series, but I'm sure this royal 3000 would have tempted him in the 60's.


  1. You were really lucky - I would loved to have found that radio.


  2. Lovely radio Sam... you almost feel you could tune back in time and hear the stations Wally was listening to.