Tuesday, 7 September 2010

lights - camera - AIRSTREAM

itv needed something a little special to add more glam in their morning makeovers. something that could be used as a walk in closet......

they fell for 'ruby tuesday' a seven panel overlander from the west coast that i had available for hire

i had to report for duty the night before so the trailer could be dressed ready for the surprise.....

early morning wakeup call and a 5am start outside itv studios, even the daybreak crew had not arrived -

the surprise makeover was on a narrow dead end road on a steep hill with no area to turn except a little area used for garbage bins. to be honest i felt a little faint at the thought of pulling this stunt off but lucky for me with a bit of help we unhitched and swung her round by hand, not that easy with a beast of a twin axle.

with trailer nicely in position the clouds started gathering -

in the middle of running about getting things ready, someone asked me, brown or white? i looked down and saw a bag of bacon butties! what a lovely sight after missing breakfast. then someone handed me a cup of tea, it really was a very well planned and executed shoot.

things quickly came together -

the makeover nominee was informed -

then after a manic makeover out pops the transformed lady -

with job nearly complete, i headed back to itv to unload and head home. with london underground on strike the roads were a little busier than normal.....

one down, next one is same time next week....

stay tuned...


  1. Good job Sam! Glad to see you are making a successful go of it.

  2. Thank you Frank. I've got some very interesting and also socially rewarding projects coming up over the next six months that will be very good fun to work on. Also a quirky tv job booked involving half a dozen Elvis's next month. Watch to space.....

  3. could I be so brash as to ask for a x251 update soon? What did the lab say the frame was? Have you got the floor back in? I am following intently...

  4. frank,

    i have to be 99.7% honest and say, i have not had a chance to work on her, and have not even set the sample off to my friends lab to test.

    i'm moving into an old disused set of dairy buildings at the end of this month and have lots going on with getting it ready. it will have plenty of indoor storage / hanging space. i guess when i have her there i just need to find / make the time to put a plan together. Part of me says do her now but another part tells me get a bit more knowledge under my belt and then do her.
    you're more than welcome hop over the pond and give me a hand!