Thursday, 22 March 2012

Ohio Overlanders in tandem

 This week and for the next few months we will be working on two Ohio Overlanders, a 1957 double axle and a 1955 single. 

Below, new chassis for  57 being fabricated -

On this one we have switched from the 4x2 box to a 5 inch parallel flange Channel to provide extra strength -

New axles, we have ditched the leaf springs and favour of torsion arm to accommodate motor movers  -

Torsion suspension was around long before this trailer was built, double click below -

Both the hitch and coupling are German engineered -

Below an award winning composting toilet which eliminates the need for a black tank or cassette. In theory it should never need to be emptied and will discharge into a grey tank. This was kindly leant to us by Airstream and Co  -

Then we turn our attention to the 55/26 single -

Below she is getting a first cut prior to lifting the frame -

The first cut reveals a few old etchings -

Inside, the gap between the kitchen and the single beds always seems to turn up something -

Old paper mask -

Old post card from 1960 -

And the joker with a quarter -

Insides carefully taken out for reuse -

 First cut reveals good, clean and unpitted aluminium -

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  1. I think I have chassis envy ! Very nice, strong job & I do like a parallel flange ! I'd be interested to know how well the composting toilet works.
    Best from the West - Chris