Saturday, 4 February 2012

carroll county md........

I purchased this Overlander from the original owners up in Ohio where it had peacefully spent the last 55 years. 

Above : The Jones family with their trailer in mid fifties. 

Sadly the transportation to the port went wrong. The transport guy turned out to be operating unlicensed and uninsured, and the trailer got stranded in Carroll county MD.

Above : Trailer in Carroll county MD, awaiting transport to port by a bonafide company

I was having difficulty getting possession of the trailer from the transport guy and had to call in the help of the chief of police in Tanneytown. They sent a couple of officers down and within a 24 hours the trailer was safely moved to opposite the Carroll county Sheriffs office  for safe keeping (see below).

At first I thought the best thing would be to sell the trailer in the states. But  decided to fly over and personally arrange for safe transport to port

Carroll county turns to be have been founded by an Irish guy  Charles (O') Carroll and I was given the VIP treatment -

Above : Dated mattress tag, Sept 1955. 

 Above : nice single bunk layout

By the end of day  one I had trailer loaded on the way to Howard County for an overnight stay before going to port the next morning - 

Below trailer heading out of Carroll and into Howard county -

It happened to be groundhog day, was six more weeks of winter -

So with trailer at port I jumped on the the next flight home to the UK, via a seat at Harrys bar with a very cool Washington Duluth airport terminal -

All in a days work.......


  1. And a very fine day's work too Sam.

    She's a fine trailer; nice layout & I like the single bunk. Hope she arrives safely back across the pond.


  2. I cannot believe you were right here and didn't even stop by for a drink. To go to the Port, you went within 2 miles of my house. My shop is 5 minutes from the Port. Very surprised!

  3. you very nearly had a surprise visitor at FTW's on the Friday, but i switched my flight to get back home for the weekend. carroll country was very nice, some great old buildings and very good food. my biggest problems was getting people to understand my 'thick' irish accent. i had some fun in HomeDepot asking advice on the 'tools', they just could not understand what i was saying, i had to revert to sign language.

  4. You speak clearer English than many people I encounter daily. You were very close, wish you had called me.