Sunday, 27 November 2011

Chock full o' Nuts

Nice to see things get a second life, New York Blend coffee.....

We've given  
 this Sovereign of the Road a good first cut with a coarse grade polish before lifting the body off -

 Getting various decals and sealants off the body safely required a few days patience -

It still had the original floor in the trailer which had been overlaid with another plywood floor . Even the new plywood (below) was badly rotted. The original plywood was very badly delimitated except for the mid sections of the trailer.

Frame off and the chassis gets exposed -

One of a number of issues which are pointing towards making up a new chassis -

Unused buck rivet in the inner skin -

Internal pop rivet from the 50's -

Then we started a floor and belly pan on this little bubble -

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