Thursday, 6 January 2011

1955 Safari hip replacement

This lady needed new hips and jumped the queue (with a little helping hand) and got the operation done privately. But with plenty of life left in her it was definitely the right move -

Above, chassis area rusted out with previous repairs starting to separate from chassis.

Above,  with the section cut out, it reveals the extent of the failure.

Below, other repairs in line with what had been expected due to floor rot - 

Above,  re-tensioned springs, new bushes, linkage, shocks and a nice new EU axle with crank

With a little due care and attention I'm pleased to report that the operation was a success and the lady is recovering well.

This 1955 safari has just started a very interesting chapter of her life

Fairway was my local supermarket when I lived on 42nd Street NYC, it's an institution for New Yorkers, well worth a visit. Below is my old shopping bag being used to keep the hoist chains of the precious vintage aluminium -

In December we had our first airstream export to Japan, for  Lush cosmetics  -


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  1. Great work Sam. Much as I hate to admit it, I think you've done a much better job of that hip replacement than the NHS would have done !

    The new 'shop' looks perfect, with just a little hint of its agricultural past. A chain hoist makes it all so much easier, and a fine use of the Fairway bag - recycling or what !

    Hope business is brisk & keeping you warm - Happy New Year to y'all.